What type of photography do you do? 

Although I specialize in portraits, I have plenty of experience in all types of photography. I started shooting weddings while attending art school, over 7 years ago. I also love event and candid photography, and have spent over 3 years shooting bands, live shows, and city events. Pet and Child photography is also available, and can be the most fun for me to shoot, since I spend most my days taking pictures of (and running after) my own pets and kids.

Photo sessions are taken onsite, or outside, I will not take you into a studio and pose you.

We will get you out and about, and use natural lighting and backgrounds. My goal is to capture beautiful pictures and special moments of you, being you.

What are your rates? 

Click here for current investment prices

After the shoot, how long does it take to receive our photos?

The amount of time to process your prints will depend on when they taken, and what they are taken of. I understand that you are excited to see your prints, just as I am excited to show them to you. I always do my best to get them ready as quickly as possible.

  • Wedding pictures usually take about 4-6 weeks of processing time.
  • Portraits and other photos take 2-4 weeks of processing time.


How do I schedule you as my photographer?

Just call or email me, and we will set a photo shoot for a time that will best suit your needs. Please note that I only do a few wedding per year, and also work another full time job. Because of this, all weddings and photo sessions will be booked on a first come first serve basis.

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